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High-Quality, Low-Cost Reusable Pad

PadHer reusable cloth pads are designed for women and girls from low-income households to give them the maximum protection and long-lasting comfort they need during their period. 


Our reusable pads are a great alternative to disposable period protection for women and girls with sensitive skin or skin allergies. The inner layer is made of 100% premium quality organic knitted cotton with high permeability, followed by an absorbent layer of non-bleach needled cotton with high absorbency. It also has a waterproof layer made of eco-friendly and anti-bacterial TPU laminated fabric. The outer cotton layer is brightly colored with playful patterns to brighten up your day even more. Not only that, but because they are built to last for years, you will save money while also helping the environment. A PadHer reusable pad can last up to 2 years with proper care. 

2 reusable medium flow pads (for daytime)
1 reusable heavy flow pad (for nighttime)
1 wet bag (for keeping wet pads)
A Guide on how to use and care for our reusable pads

Made from 100% premium quality cotton 
High Permeability and Absorbency
Sensitive-skin friendly
Waterproof layer made of TPU
Eco-friendly and suitable for multiple uses

Beautifully designed, comfortable, and premium quality 
Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
Designed for women and girls of all age
By buying 1 pad kit, you help 1 schoolgirl manage her period
Cheaper than 95% of reusable sanitary pads on the market

Place the pad firmly on the inner lining of your underwear and clamp down firmly. After use, stack in cold water to prevent staining. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low using natural soap or detergent.


did you know that a woman will dispose of about 16,800 pads or tampons in her lifetime?


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions…

Because they are built to last for years, a PadHer reusable pad can last up to 2 years with proper care. 

The extra length of our heavy flow pad means that they are perfect to wear when sleeping to prevent leakage in the back. You can use our heavy flow pads at bedtime to make sure you have a comfortable and leak-free night! Change to a fresh one as soon as you wake up.

You will like our reusable pads as they are beautiful and comfy, but we recognize that reusable pads are not for everyone. You have 30 days from delivery to submit a free return and receive your money back if our pads don’t meet your expectation. You can only return our pads if they are not used and in their original condition. Used pads will not be accepted. Please note that our return policy applies to orders placed only within Africa.

We recommend changing your pad every 4 to 6 hours, but if you’re new to cloth pads and you are nervous or have a pretty heavy flow, you can change it more often.

Yeah! Our Pads are reusable and sustainable. We are reducing waste and saving our planet. 

PadHer reusable pads can absolutely be used by young people and teenagers. Cloth pads can be worn at any age. What better way to begin your period than with toxins-free, environmentally friendly certified cloth pads?

Reusable cloth pads must be washed, dried, and cared for properly. They can make you more prone to a vaginal infection if not cleaned properly. So be sure to wash and care for your pads.

You can wash your reusable pads in 4 easy steps as shown below


Before washing used pads with soap or detergent, thoroughly rinse them to remove any blood. The key to stain-free cloth pad washing is to keep rinsing until the water runs clear.


Soak pad in cold water for around 40 minutes. Soaking ensures that the menstrual blood is thoroughly removed. If the pad is badly stained, rinse the stained water and soak it in new water again.


Cloth pads that have been rinsed can be now washed by hand, but make sure to use warm water. You only need a small amount of washing soap to get the job done.


To avoid shrinkage, it is highly recommended that you air dry (dry under sunlight). We recommend drying under the sun because the UV rays in the sun are great natural disinfectants.

Have any other questions? Email us at contact@padher.com


Improving the quality of life of women and girls in Africa while making period education inclusive and sanitary pads free and accessible for those who can’t afford them. 


Building An Africa Free Of Period Poverty.

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