PadHer™ Reusables Pad Kit


PadHer Reusables are beautifully designed, comfortable, and premium quality reusable sanitary pads to cater to your period needs. 

Our pads have different colorful and beautiful patterns, and the contents (patterns) may vary from the pictures.

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Our reusable pads are a great alternative to disposable period protection for women and girls with sensitive skin or skin allergies. The inner layer is made of 100% premium quality organic knitted cotton with high permeability, followed by an absorbent layer of non-bleach needled cotton with high absorbency. It also has a waterproof layer made of eco-friendly and anti-bacterial TPU laminated fabric. The outer cotton layer is brightly colored with playful patterns to brighten up your day even more. Not only that, but because they are built to last for years, you will save money while also helping the environment. A PadHer reusable pad can last up to 2 years with proper care.

Made from 100% premium quality cotton
High Permeability and Absorbency
Sensitive-skin friendly
Waterproof layer made of TPU
Eco-friendly and suitable for multiple uses

Beautifully designed, comfortable, and premium quality
Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
Designed for women and girls of all age
By buying 1 pad kit, you help 1 schoolgirl manage her period
Cheaper than 95% of reusable sanitary pads on the market

Place the pad firmly on the inner lining of your underwear and clamp down firmly. After use, stack in cold water to prevent staining. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low using natural soap or detergent.

Pad Kit contains

2 reusable medium flow pads (for daytime)
1 reusable heavy flow pad (for nighttime)
1 wet bag (for keeping wet pads)
A Guide on how to use and care for our reusable pads

Purchasing our pad kit helps keep a girl in school.

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Plain Color, Pattern Design


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