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*girls only*

Girls Only comic series is published monthly and tells the story of a 12-year old African schoolgirl Amanda, who just got her first period. The comic series takes us on young Amanda’s journey to better understanding periods and puberty.

Its beautiful illustrations and cartoon characters make talking about periods easy and pleasant for parents and teachers. Girls Only make learning about periods and puberty fun for young schoolgirls.

Girls Only has an innovative approach to storytelling and audience engagement. It uses real-life experiences to capture our audience (young schoolgirls), yet keeping it fun to learn about periods and puberty!

— Ending Period Stigma one comic at a time —

Girls Only comic book series answers some of the most frequently asked questions about periods and puberty.

When will I get my first period?
What is a period and why do we have them?
How much blood do I lose during my period?
Is there anything I won’t be able to do when I have my period?
Does having your period hurt?
How long is each cycle?
How long does each period last?
What is this hard lump in my breast?
Why are my breasts so small (or big)?
Why don’t I have pubic hair yet?
Why haven’t I gotten my period yet?
and many more!

Most recently, Girls Only broadened its focus beyond menstruation and puberty to include sexual and reproductive health and rights, addressing critical issues such as teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, body rights, and sexual and gender-based violence.

Paper and pulp are a major industrial polluter of water, soil, and air. Toxic substances get released into our air, soil, and water because of the use of chlorine-based bleaches in the pulp and paper manufacturing process. Paper rotting releases methane gas, 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Because of the severity of the problem posed by paper waste, we are taking simple steps to reduce it as much as possible. As a result, we print our comic books on 100% recycled paper and encourage our readers to recycle too.

Medically accurate contents

Girls Only contain medically accurate contents. Our comic book has been reviewed and vetted by medical experts.

Designed for Boys Too!

Girls Only is also created with boys in mind! We named our comic series "Girls Only" to draw the attention of boys. We did this because, to eradicate period shaming, boys must learn about periods too!

Based on real-life experiences

Girls Only has an innovative approach to storytelling and audience engagement. We are using real-life experiences to capture our audience, yet keeping it fun to learn about periods and puberty!


Girls Only is thoroughly and carefully researched. Our project and research associate has more than 5 years of expertise conducting research for prominent firms globally.

Meet the Main Characters


Amanda is the main character of this comic series. She is 12 years old, and she just got her first period. Amanda has two siblings — Joshua and Sandra, and her favorite subjects are Math and Science. Amanda wants to be an engineer.


Sandra is 8 years old and loves to sing. Her favorite subject is computer science, and she will love to be a computer programmer when she is older.


Joshua is Amanda's younger brother. He is 10 years old and loves to dance. Joshua's favorite subject is English, and he loves to be a writer when he grows up.

Joshua is included in "Girls Only" because we believe that boys should learn about periods too. Joshua asks common questions boys ask about periods.

Dr. Joy

Dr. joy is Amanda's older sister, and she is a medical doctor. She is 28 years old and loves to teach Amanda and her siblings about periods and puberty.


Mrs. Abigail Coker, fondly called "mom" by her children, is the mother to Amanda, Dr. Joy, Joshua, and Sandra. she is a petty trader and loves her kids so much.


Mr. Coker is the father to Amanda, Dr. Joy, Joshua, and Sandra. he is a banker. His favorite food is rice and chicken stew.

Editors: Wanjiru Kinuthia, Brenda Jebet Rotich
Illustrator: Chika Nwaogu
Gynaecologist, Medical Consultant: Dr. Jackson Kinyua Mwangi
Author, Artistic Director, and Production Manager: Chika Nwaogu
Project and Research Associate: Sheila Omondi

"I learnt a lot about periods and what to expect" — Oluchi (13 years old, Nigeria)

Girls Only: Period and Puberty Edition

Issues 1–5 of Girls Only have been compiled into a single volume. The Period and Puberty Edition teaches your daughter everything she needs to know about periods and puberty. 


First Period
All About Puberty
A to Z on Menstrual Cycle
All About Menstrual Hygiene
Debunking Period Myths
Making Your Own Reusable Pads

This bestselling 128-page comic book is available for purchase on Amazon.com

Rated 4.6 on goodreads


As a social enterprise, we reinvest profits towards fighting period poverty in Africa

We are visionaries and disruptors who are vehemently committed to gender equality and building confidence in women and girls. We are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

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