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*about us*

Period Technologies is a health and wellbeing startup that aims to improve the quality of life of women and girls in Africa by leveraging the power of technology to help solve period-related problems that affect their productivity in society. 

As a social enterprise, we reinvest profits towards fighting period poverty in Africa. We are visionaries and disruptors vehemently committed to gender equality and building confidence in women and girls. 

We are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Period Technologies is women-led and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with offices in Nairobi, Kenya. 

We see an Africa where our women and young girls are secure in their future and have the freedom to choose their path and live the life they desire.

*the team*

Chika Nwaogu

Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer
E: chika@padher.com

Thelma Ahamba

Co-founder / Chief Operations Officer
E: ahamba@padher.com

Serah Wambui

Chief Marketing Officer
E: wambui@padher.com

Elvinah Nyambaso

Chief Product Officer
E: nyambaso@padher.com

Medical Advisor

Dr. Jackson Kinyua Mwangi

Our Hybrid Model

We operate as a non-profit and as a social enterprise

As a non-profit, we provide innovative ways to keep young African schoolgirls in underserved communities in school and educate them on periods and puberty while making sanitary pads free and accessible. 

On the other hand, as a social enterprise, Period Technologies manufactures and sells TENS devices and high-quality, low-cost reusable sanitary pads and uses the profit from selling them to help fight period poverty in Africa. For every pad we sell, we donate a free reusable sanitary pad to a young African schoolgirl who can not afford one. As a social enterprise, we also make period education inclusive by donating one comic book to a young African schoolgirl in an underserved community for every comic book sold.


Improving the quality of life of women and girls in Africa while making period education inclusive and sanitary pads free and accessible for those who can’t afford them. 


Building An Africa Free Of Period Poverty.


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