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Say Hello to Kosi™

A wearable, drug-free, instant period pain reliever with no side effects.

Instant relief


Light & wearable

Clinically tested

Easy to use

The wearable device stimulates nerves to block pain with the press of a button.
With Kosi, there are no pills, no side effects, and no interruptions to your day.

*no pain*

We began in 2021 as a small ambitious company primarily manufacturing high quality low-cost reusable pads.

We aimed to use the profits from selling these reusable pads to provide free reusable pads to young schoolgirls in rural Africa who can't afford one, and we did!

We were able to provide over 1,500+ free reusable pad kits (containing 3 pads and 1 wet bag for storing wet pads) to young African schoolgirls from underserved communities in this way! We were trying to fight period poverty the best way we could.

We will soon come to know that there was more to it. Some girls skipped classes and school generally because of painful periods (dysmenorrhea). Further research showed that 3 out of 10 girls skip class because of painful periods, but NOBODY was talking about this!

As a social enterprise trying to eradicate period poverty in Africa, we couldn't ignore this.

To effectively keep our young girls in school, we knew we had to do more than provide free reusable pads and teach them about periods and puberty using the Amazon children's health best-selling comic books we developed. We knew we had to do something more.

So we developed a low-cost period pain reliever. Kosi™ uses high frequency (HF) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to reduce menstrual pain. Kosi is a safe and effective solution to block disruptive menstrual pain so that you can get on with your life, leaving period cramps behind!

Suitable for people of all ages, Kosi comes in two forms; Kosi™ PRO and Kosi™ LITE. Kosi™ PRO and Kosi™ LITE both block period pain effectively, but the main difference is the aesthetics and the battery life. Kosi™ PRO is more stylish-looking and has a longer battery life span than Kosi™ LITE. That's the only difference we promise! Oh, also the price too!

When we sell one of our Kosi™ devices, we give a free one to a young African schoolgirl from an underserved community going through a painful period.

Kozi™ PRO

Beautifully design with a battery life span of over 24hours

Kozi™ LITE

Pocket friendly with a battery life span of over 12hours

*no stain*

Do you know that One in 10 girls in Africa miss school during their periods to avoid the embarrassment of bleeding through their uniforms? Some girls use unhygienic items such as cloth rags, socks, leaves, or dry grass as a substitute for pads.

Many girls drop out of school altogether once they begin menstruating.
Our young girls should not miss 20% of school days in a given year or drop out due to a lack of information or lack of sanitary products.

We are a social enterprise; every money we make from selling our reusable sanitary pads goes towards helping fight period poverty in Africa. When you pay for a PadHer reusable pad kit (which contains three reusable pads and a wet bag), you also are buying a reusable pad kit for a young schoolgirl who can not afford one. That is why we call our PadHer Reusables™, The Pad with a Cause™
We are empowering you To Pad Her.

Our Pad Kit (containing 3 pads and 1 wet bag for storing wet pads) is sold for twice the production cost; this allows us to use the profit to provide our pad kit to a young schoolgirl who can not afford sanitary pads.

For every reusable pad kit you purchase, PadHer gives a pad kit to a young African schoolgirl in an underserved community.

1000+ pad kits have been given so far.

PadHer Reusables™

PadHer Reusables™ is the brand name for our low-cost reusable sanitary pads products. They are beautifully designed, comfortable, and of premium quality to cater to your period needs. 

Our reusable pads are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

When you buy a PadHer reusable pad kit, you are helping young African schoolgirls have safe, sustainable, and easy access to the same menstrual products as you do. 

*comic books*

Addressing the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial challenges will not solve all of the world’s period-related problems. It will not, for example, address issues such as a lack of information. Period education is critical for ensuring that no young girl has to live in fear of dying on her first period, as period education is a key to nurturing confident girls.

PadHer is educating young girls on periods and puberty via the use of comic books (a medium much more appealing to the younger generation) so that they can effectively manage their periods and build the self-confidence they need to take control of the future and succeed. To make sure no girl is left behind, when you buy 1 of our comic books, you are helping a schoolgirl from an underserved community in Africa learn about periods too (she gets a comic book too).

Period education is a right, not a privilege.

1000+ comic books have been given so far.

You are helping us to keep our girls in school by educating young African schoolgirls in underserved communities on periods and puberty while making sanitary pads free and accessible to them.
Together, we are ensuring that they receive a quality education

Shop on Amazon!


Girls Only is the essential sexual and reproductive health and rights guide for every young girl.

The first comic book on the Amazon bestselling children’s health “Girls Only” series tackles Periods and Puberty.

Talking about periods should never be boring. To effectively teach periods to young girls, we have to use mediums they find much more appealing — Comic Books! 

This edition tells the story of a 12-year old African schoolgirl Amanda, who just got her first period. It takes us on young Amanda’s journey to better understanding periods and puberty.

Girls Only contain well-researched and medically accurate content based on real-life experiences.

Girls Only Comic Series

Our Girls Only Comic Series is an innovative approach to period education. Via the use of comic books, we are making it fun, easy, and comfortable to teach young girls about periods and puberty.

By purchasing this comic book for your daughter, you do not only help her learn about periods and puberty, but you are also helping a schoolgirl in an underserved community in Africa in learning about periods and puberty too. Period education is a right, not a privilege.


Girls Only has an innovative approach to storytelling and audience engagement. We are using real-life experiences to capture our audience, yet keeping it fun to learn about periods and puberty!


Our comic books make learning about period and puberty fun for young girls and teaching comfortable for teachers and parents.


Girls Only was also created with boys in mind! Yes, you read that correctly. We named our comic series “Girls Only” to draw the attention of boys. We did this because, to eradicate period shaming, boys must learn about periods as well.

NB: The content in our comic books is offered solely for educational purposes and should not be regarded a substitute for professional medical advice.

*why now?*

Because of the pandemic, underserved communities are experiencing high levels of period poverty. As a result of Covid-19, many families have been severely impacted and are struggling to afford rent, food, and utility bills, let alone essential period products. Families will continue to suffer as long as menstrual products aren’t considered a necessity. Just about every expense can be a source of stress when finances are tight for a family. According to one survey, 84% of girls have missed school during their period owing to a lack of menstruation supplies. Access to menstrual products is a basic human need, and it is unacceptable to continue to overlook period poverty.
—Chika Nwaogu, Founder of PadHer

*take action*

It’s more than a pad

It’s a Cause!

3 Reusable Sanitary Pads

Our Pad Kit comes with 3 reusable cloth pads to give you the maximum protection during your period.

2 reusable medium flow pads (for daytime)
1 reusable heavy flow pad (for nighttime)

1 Beautiful Wet Pad

Our Pad Kit comes with a PVC-free waterproof lining wet bag, for storing your wet pads.

+1 Pad Kit For A Young Girl

Buy 1 pad kit and help 1 young school girl in Africa manage her period. Every pad kit sold is used to provide a free pad kit for a young African schoolgirl who can not afford one. 

Wear With Pride

Our merch is period-themed yet beautiful and trendy.

When you buy one of our merch, we use the profit towards helping a young African schoolgirl in an underserved community fight period poverty.

While increasing menstrual awareness, the period bracelet is an easy way for menstruators to track their menstrual cycle to help them know when to expect their period. 

When you buy one of our period bracelets, we use the profit towards providing a young African schoolgirl in an underserved community with a free period bracelet. You are helping her track her menstrual cycle to accurately predict when she will have a period and be ready with a pad in her school bag.

*the impact*
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*the news*

PadHer, as a social enterprise, reinvests its profits towards fighting period poverty in Africa

We are visionaries and disruptors who are vehemently committed to gender equality and building confidence in women and girls. We are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

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